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One. Two. KABOOM!

We are KABOOM Media Agency and this is not only word. Amazing things not happens by themselves. We create them since 2010.

Every time we tear apart the customary frames of known formats of promotion and make adaptive strategy. Our agency provides full-cycle work with the brand. From the promotion in social media and blogs to reputation management. We prepare an original explosive cocktail to create the brightest star.

Millions of your main fans are sitting at the computer or a mobile phone right now. They are searching for something special. They want them brain to blow up. The whole world is ready to hear you!

Are you ready to KABOOM!?

Time to KABOOM!

We have a variety of instruments in our hands. Such as…


Content generation. Promotion of groups and posts. Moderating. PR activities in Internet. Product and brand management in social media.


Reputation management in social media. Evaluation, analysis, strategy development. Leveling of negative mentions.

Viral Video

Creation and promotion of viral video. Entertainment format is most effective in mass promotion.

Some Of Сlients We Love.

We love our customers! Here we selected some interesting projects to share our feelings with you.

Clients’ Testimonials

‘’The best way to promote your brand or music - apply to KABOOM!’’

Svetlana Hachiyan, CEO of PRME Agency

Clients’ Testimonials

‘’My favourite team. KABOOM one love!’’

Master Spensor

Clients’ Testimonials

‘’Awesome agency!’’

Sarkis Edwards

Clients’ Testimonials

‘’We have been working together for many years. The best agency!’’

KARMA aka Nastya Lyubimova

Clients’ Testimonials

‘’I've been working with the guys for more than 2 years. All agreed tasks are performed on time and for specified prices.’’

Mikhail Drobinin

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